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Product FAQS

Our pram liners are designed to fit all prams that have a 5 point safety harness. Click here to see our list of compatible pram brands

Not sure? Send us a message and we can check for you!

Yes! - We know parents have enough to do, without worrying about handwashing! Our products are machine washable and come with care instructions.

Most items can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and we recommend hanging them out to dry or drying flat.

Yes and No -

Our Pram Liners and Car Seat Protectors feature the same waterproof materials as our sheets (water-absorbent PUL). We use this material to not only absorb any liquids, but to provide extra layer of protection for any leaks or spills. We'd love say that it makes them 100% waterproof ... however due to the buckle and harness slots in both products - we can't, as liquid can still get through where the harness slots are.

The Bambella range is ethcially created in the PRC. We have a long standing relationship with our manufacturer, who also share our passion for creating innovative products that make life easier for parents.

We are also proud to work with a team that values both safety and quality. All our products are created under the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the world's
best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.

It is a certification system that ensures that all materials used in the of the manufacturing process are completely natural and eco-friendly. All of our products are produced with a STANDARD 100 certification. This means all of our producrs are completely free from any harmful substances. Nothing but the best for your babes.


Our waterproof sheets are made with a 100% cotton soft layer across the top. They also feature a layer of Polyurethane Laminate, or PUL for short. This specialised material has microscopic holes that allow air to travel back and forth, whilst trapping water molecules on the surface. This means the sheet is breathable and allows air flow, but stops anything else!

Nope! Our sheets are mattress protectors. They are not only snuggly soft and breathable, they shield the mattress at the same time. They also protects from dust mites and allergens. You’re welcome!

Bambella sheets are built tough, and are designed to withstand frequent washing. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and they'll come out as good as new for snug fit every time.

We are tempted to shout “the limit does not exist!” But if we had to pick a number it would be 3.

Three sheets means that you can have two sheets layered + a spare!


Basically it comes down to size and fit. Our Moses/Oval Bassinet sheets are slightly smaller and slimmer, with oval shaped edges. They measure 76cm x 36cm x 4cm and are designed for smaller, and slimmer bassinets such as the Snoo, or Moses style baskets. They have elasticised ends to secure the sheet in place, but without putting too much pressure on thinner mattresses that tend to bunch up if the sheet is too tight. 

Our Standard Bassinet Sheets/Change Mat Covers are a rectangular in shape, and feature wider edges and sides to fit a variety of bassinet mattresses and change pads. They measure 80cm x 46cm x 13cm - with the generous sides featuring elastic all the way around to ensure a snug fit on the bassinet mattress. 

131cm x 70cm x 19cm - Standard Australian Cot Size.

Lots! Currently we have 7 sizes.

Moses/Oval Bassinet

Standard Bassinet/Change Pad

Porta Cot



King Single



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