Waterproof Sheets | Your Size Guide

Waterproof Sheets | Your Size Guide

It's no secret that our Waterproof sheets loved by parents and bubs everywhere! But we know sometimes sizing can be confusing when you are shopping for your little one!  Here's are sizing guide for our Waterproof Fitted Sheets from babies to big kids! 

Oval/Moses Bassinet Fitted Waterproof Sheet



Dimensions: 76cm x 36cm x 4cm

Shape Style: Oval 

Suitable for: Slim/Oval Style Bassinets such as Moses Baskets

Our oval style bassinet sheet has been specifically designed to fit a range of moses style baskets. Brands include Babyrest, Bebecare, Snoo Smart Sleeper, Charlie Crane’s Kumi Bassinet and Moses style baskets.


Change Mat Cover/Standard Bassinet Fitted Waterproof Sheet



Dimensions: 80cm x 46cm x 13cm

Shape Style: Rectangular 

Suitable for: Most standard bassinets on the market. Features extra girth around the edges for stretch, but is also elasticised to fit snuggly over different mattress sizes. It also can be used as a change mat cover. 


What's the difference between the Moses/Oval Bassinet Sheet and the Bassinet/Change Mat Cover?


Basically it comes down to size and fit. Our Moses/Oval Bassinet sheets are slightly smaller and slimmer, with oval shaped edges. They measure 76cm x 36cm x 4cm and are designed for smaller, and slimmer bassinets such as the Snoo, or Moses style baskets. They have elasticised ends to secure the sheet in place, but without putting too much pressure on thinner mattresses that tend to bunch up if the sheet is too tight. 

Our Standard Bassinet Sheets/Change Mat Covers are a rectangular in shape, and feature wider edges and sides to fit a variety of bassinet mattresses and change pads. They measure 80cm x 46cm x 13cm - with the generous sides featuring elastic all the way around to ensure a snug fit on the bassinet mattress. 


Portacot Travel Cot Waterproof Sheet



Heading away? We've got you covered... literally! Introducing our Portacot Waterproof Sheets! Because we know you want your little ones to be comfy as possible, especially when you are out and about.

Dimensions: 110cm x 75cm x 5cm

Shape Style: Rectangular 

Suitable for: Most Portacots on the market. We've created our sizing to fit with the leading Portacots on the market including Jengo, Babyhood, Bugaboo, Joie, 4Baby, Childcare, Bebecare, Baby Björn, Phil and Teds and more!

Be sure to check your portacot mattress dimensions as some brand sizes can vary.


Standard Cot Fitted Waterproof Sheet



Dimensions: 131cm x 70cm x 19cm 

Shape Style: Rectangular 

Suitable for: All standard Australian Cots. Our Waterproof Sheets are elasticised for a strong and secure fit, and adhere to Red Nose safe sleep guidelines.


Single/King Single/Double Fitted Waterproof Sheets 




Our kids bedding is in line with all standard bedding sizes. 

Single Bed - 92cm x 190cm (35cm sides)
King Single - 107cm x 204cm (35cm sides)
Double - 138cm x 190cm x (35cm sides)


Also Available

Toilet Training Sheets

A must have for every household are our Training Sheets, which are perfect for toilet training, sickness, and travel. They have soft cotton on top for breathability and comfort, as well as an absorbent internal layer for drawing in liquids. They also have a waterproof bottom layer to protect the mattress and bedding. Just place it on the bed and tuck the wings under the side edges of your mattress. 
Our training/pull sheets are now available in two sizes:


Single/King Single:
Waterproof pad section: 109cm x 95cm
Total width including the wings: 199cm x 95cm

Waterproof pad section: 147cm x 95cm
Total width including the wings: 237cm x 95cm


Waterproof Pillowcases 


Dimensions: 70cm x 51cm (Standard Pillowcase Size)

Shape Style: Rectangular 

Created for comfort, our pillowcases are soft, breathable, and shield the pillow at the same time. They also act as a barrier against dust mites and allergens, promoting a clean and healthy sleep environment. The luxe quilted design, coupled with a range of gorgeous prints, makes it effortlessly simple protect your bedding in style! 


Are you ready to make life easier?


You can say goodbye to the hassle of using separate fitted sheets and mattress protectors - and traditional waterproofing that slides around - No crinkly sheets here! 

Oh, and did we mention? All our products are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, ensuring the highest safety standards for your little one. 

Our top tip:

Place a second waterproof sheet underneath for quick and easy bedding changes. We are all about making life easier, and getting your and your little one back to bed sooner!

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