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Frequently Asked questions about ndis claiming

We provide waterproofing bedding and continence products which can be funded under the NDIS. These include Waterproof Mattress Protectors, Toilet Training Sheets and Pram/Seat Protectors.

Absolutely, please just let us know in the checkout notes, or send us an email.

Speak to your plan manager about which products you'd like to order. We can organise a quote or an invoice for you. We can send this directly to your plan manager.

Waterproof pad section: 109cm x 95cm
Total width including the wings: 199cm x 95cm

Waterproof pad section: 147cm x 95cm
Total width including the wings: 237cm x 95cm


I just wanted to say thanks so much for supporting our business. I'm a special needs parent myself, and I know how overwhelming it can be at times.

Our waterproof bedding is only designed to make life just that bit easier for parents, but to also provide a sense of assurance and comfort to our little ones. I know the struggles of juggling separate fitted sheets and mattress protectors. I’ve been through the late-night bedding changes, and struggled with the constant washing. I’ve also seen the impact of ongoing accidents on the self esteem of my little one.

At Bambella, we believe in promoting a sense of normalcy around accidents. Learning is simply part of life, and our products are designed to embrace accidents. We want children to feel comfortable and secure, knowing that accidents are not something to be ashamed of. Instead, they're moments for learning, growth, and maybe some giggles along the way.

Be kind to yourself

Megan x

Owner of Bambella Designs

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