Bambella Pram Liners | Why they are oh so loved! 🤍

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Keep your pram pristine and your little one comfy with a Bambella Designs universal fit pram liner. Loved by parents and bubs for over a decade, it's easy to see why our liners stand the test of time! Here's just a few reasons why our liners really are the best...

Comfort on the go

The soft cotton outer of Bambella liners make them suitable for all seasons, providing the perfect combination of breathability and comfort. They are padded to make them comfy as possible, and to cushion any jolts of bumps. We've even included side wings for added protection, and to ensure your little explorer has the cushiest ride ever. Perfect for naps on the go!

Mess-Proof Magic

Let's face it, kids are messy! Our luxe padded design not only provides extra cushioning for your little one, but also assists in absorbing spills or mess. Bambella pram liners even feature a built in waterproof layer at the bottom, for extra protection against nappy leaks, or any other fun surprises!

Easy Use & Care

Ain't nobody got time for complicated setups. Our liners are universal, and are designed to fit all prams with no fuss. They can also easily come straight off, to go in the washing machine, ready for the next adventure!

Mix & Match Style

Switch up your style game and swap your liner over for a plain block colour on the back. Our matching bar and harness accessories can be flipped too in order to match the other side too. Our liners are come in a variety of on trend, and classic colour combos. The hardest part is just choosing which one!

You can head out with your babe in confidence, knowing that our pram liners have got you covered... literally!

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