King Single Mattress Protector - Arrow Grey
King Single Mattress Protector - Arrow Grey
King Single Mattress Protector - Arrow Grey
King Single Mattress Protector - Arrow Grey

King Single Mattress Protector - Arrow Grey

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One of the first things you should do when you buy a new bed for your child is to invest in a mattress protector.  Children’s mattresses get stained no matter how careful you are and it is just about impossible to remove dust and stains once they have surfaced on your mattresses. A good mattress protector will keep your kids bed looking excellent for many years to come so you will never feel embarrassed about the look of your child’s bed while you are washing your linen.

The best mattress protector you can possibly buy is a waterproof mattress protector.  These protectors will prevent any dust or liquids from getting through your linen, and your mattress will ultimately remain stain-free no matter how many bottle spills or accidents happen in the bed. 

At Bambella Designs we sell fine quality mattress protectors for child’s bed. These mattress covers are 100% waterproof but are still soft to the touch and perfectly comfortable to sleep on.  

Who Needs A Waterproof Bed Cover?

Everyone should get a waterproof mattress protector in Australia to keep their mattresses beautiful, but if you are not likely to make spills in the bed, then an ordinary mattress protector should be sufficient.  A waterproof bed protector is, however, an absolute must in the following scenarios;

Parent's beds - If you have little ones crawling into your bed to snuggle with mum and dad then you should get a waterproof bed cover for your bed.  Toddlers and babies have accidents all the time and are quite likely to make a mess of your bedding during those early hours in the morning when they usually love to sneak to your bedroom for a bit of comfort.

Babies and toddler beds - It is important to buy a waterproof cover for your toddler or baby’s bed, especially if your little one is still in diapers or potty training.  Modern diapers are superb and very absorbent, but even these tend to spill from time to time if your child enjoyed quite a few beverages during the day.

The beds of kids with special needs - Lots of children with special needs have trouble sleeping through the night and don’t have full control over their bladders.  It isn’t uncommon at all for them to struggle with bed wetting and mobility problems also result in plenty of beverage spills.  A waterproof cover will save you a lot of effort and a lot of money on mattresses while your little one is developing and learning to deal with his or her problems.

The beds of disabled children - Disabilities such as mobility issues, paralysis, muscle dystrophy, bladder problems and other types of problems are incredibly hard to live with, and accidents are just a part of the daily lives of these children.  You can most certainly invest in a waterproof cover to make life a little bit easier and to protect your mattresses from damages. 

Children with allergies - Dust mites, dust, and other elements can worsen a sensitive child’s allergies.  Our mattress protectors are easy to clean and will keep your child from being exposed to these elements that could cause an allergy attack.

Buy Our Waterproof Covers Online

At Bambella Designs we try to make life with children and those with special needs a little bit easier, and that is why we sell a wide range of waterproof mattresses online from bassinet mattress protectors to cot mattress protectors.  Our waterproof mattress protectors fit perfectly and will guard your mattresses against dust and stains for many years to come.  These protectors are easy to keep clean since you can wash them in the machine, wash them with bleach or fabric softener and tumble dry them.  These protectors are breathable and enhance hygiene in the bedroom.

Buy your waterproof bed cover online right now and get these fine-quality items delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.